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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Decorating a Mantel....

Ok so Kari & Kijsa are hosting a Mantel 101 Party. I so wanted to be a part of it but have a real mantel nightmare going on!!! So instead I was going to just sit on the sidelines and be inspired as to how to really improve my mantel decor. Then I thought why don't I join in and maybe get some inspiration and some help. So here goes.

This is the fireplace and mantel. These are my thoughts. The brick, while beautiful, is so overwhelming. I am thinking a huge mirror to really play the brick down. I am also thinking of painting the mantel bright white to go with the almost hidden molding and my wall unit. I want to incorporate that clock, as it was a gift to my father by my late grandmother and now gifted to me. I am not crazy about the very odd candle sticks but my extremely sweet and wonderful hubby gave them to me many years ago. He does not give gifts of decor so it makes them all the more special. They don't have to go on the mantel but if they can that would be nice. So tell me what your thoughts are and how would you improve this spot. Oh and as for the firebox area, we don't know if we are going to leave the wood burning stove part or not. If we do, we will freshen up the black.

Have a great day!!!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I'm sure you will get some great ideas from looking throught the blogs on mantels.

For starters, do you have some tall candlesticks? What about a vase with some flowers? Or a plant? (It could be fake! LOL)

Be sure to post an after shot too! Have fun!

Marie said...

I'm so not going to give advice...because I did what you did! Posted pictures in hopes that some decorating god out there will help me out. And boy have they! Good luck- looks like you have some GREAT bones to work with!

Susie Harris said...

Oh miss Trixi... I just love saying your name, hehe. Ok back to the mantel thing. You do have a lot to work with. I would love to have a larger mantel... more stuff you can add to it. I would just start by putting your favorite things on it. Move em around .. I did that all day. Keep it simple and light cause you are going against dark bricks. I know you can do it! Hope you show us pictures soon. Susie H~

Lorrie said...

You've got a great mantel to work with. My thoughts would be to paint it white like you have suggested. As to decor - vary the height of whatever you put on it. Tall vases or candlesticks with some oomph to them, plants, etc.

The clock is a great piece, what about putting a picture or mirror behind it. If you wanted to raise your clock higher, stack some old books underneath it.

The candle holders are cute and have sentimental value. I'd try to work with them. Like you say, how often do husbands buy items of decor?

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your mantel.

My Arts Desire said...

Hi Trixi,
How'd ya get that name? It's awesome! Your fireplace has great bones and lots of potential. I peeked at your other post to see if I could see what else was in that room. Love the idea of painting the walls what sounds like a rich, warm color. It will make your built-in's pop! You might want to even consider painting the interior backs of your large wall of built-ins that same color (or another warm complementary color for added interest). I've seen this done and it is stunning. Don't be afraid of color as you have lots of white to offset it with such a wonderful wall of built-ins.

For your fireplace mantel...I would add A BUNCH of moulding to the existing one to make your mantel much more substantial. The massiveness of the fireplace almost calls for it. In fact, have the moulding come down like 12 inches in height and then "frame" the entire outside of the brick area. To get an idea of what I'm thinking, go and see the "after" of Julia's fireplace. She's the number 2 spot I believe on Kari & Kijsa's post of participants.

Home Depot or Lowes or any hardware store carrying lumber would have all the moulding. For this small of a job you could buy an inexpensive miter box ($20 range) if you need one. Since you will be painting the wood, buy the cheapest kind to save on the cost!

There's my five cents worth--ha! (No longer 2 cents due to inflation and all!)

Happy decorating!

Rue said...

Looks like you have some great advice here....

I just wanted to tell you that I love your clock and the candle sticks :)


Chris is *Refining Life* said...

You've had some great advice already, so I'll not 'muddy the waters". *Ü*

I did wnat to say that although there may be too much brick to suit your style, it is pretty, I hope you'll save at least some of it!


Beverly said...

You've got a great space to work with, and I know you will be finding lots of inspiration today.

Let us know when you finish so we can see the results.

Abbreviated said...

Look for a loong rectangular mirror.

Or buy one & add a frame.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Great ideas!! love so many of the suggestions, and that you have such great bones to start out with!! Love enlarging the mantel, and painting it if you choose (and painting the brick if you desired). Love the idea of a large mirror, hanging, picture, etc. Also the story behind the candlesticks is too good, maybe clustering them to one side, one on a stack of books next to the other? Then the clock either center or with the grouping?

Great post. The meanings and stories behind your pieces already make it special!

kari & kijsa

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! well, I love its, are so cute!minimalist warm regards

hautemommy said...

A mirror will look fabulous on that gorgeous mantel! What a great starting point you have right now!! :) xo!