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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newest member of the Spencer Family Farm

Here is Ramsey. He is a 15 day old St. Croix ram and he is beautiful. He will be one of the stars of our breeding program and we are so excited to get him home. We will pick him up around the middle of June. There are many reasons why we decided to go with the St. Croix breed but the main reason is their ability to thrive on forage and their resistance to parasites. Here is some other info.: St. Croix sheep
Our intention was to breed 100% registered St. Croix sheep. Well, during the planning process, we did not take into consideration that it would be very difficult to acquire a St. Croix ewe. They are rare in our area. So we are #1 on the list for one next year but this year we may have to get a Katahdin and have a St. Croix Katahdin cross. It will work out fine. Once we get our St. Croix ewes we can always sell the Katahdin if we want to.

Oh, those eyes. They are just magnificent.
This is just another step towards us growing and raising all of our own food free of chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones.



Jamie said...

He is so adorable!!!!The anticipation of getting him must be unbearable?


Picket said...

Oh my word...I love him! I raised a baby gost many years ago and I loved her so...she was so tamed and gentle and always followed me everywhere and would sit on the porch swing with me...I am so excited for you girl....have a great week...Picket

Greg and Donna said...

When Ramsey comes home to live, we would love to come visit. Amy would have a blast playing and loving on your new baby!

mississippi artist said...

How adorable, and you are right-those eyes!

Mona @ Healthy Homesteading said...

He's too cute! I will be getting a kid doe next week and I am so excited.

HeathahLee said...

His eyes are the first thing I noticed! What a sweet baby! : )