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Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy week for some more before and aftering....

So, my super, wonderful hubby took the whole week off last week. My first thought was just how much work can I get out of him in one week.LOL He would not think I was joking when I said that.LOL Anyway, we worked on the house hard last week. Here was the first project. We painted 2 coats of Alexandria Beige in here.
Here is the before:

And here is the after:

It went from an off white color to a deep khaki. I was going to paint it the Nester's Tobacco Road but a dear friend gave us a full gallon of this Alexandria Beige (Benjamin Moore) and I quickly decided to love it!!! It goes very well with my budget. We also painted the cabinet Bright White. We painted the back wall of the cabinet the Alexandria Beige. I think it made a 100% difference. What do you think? I also accessorized the shelves a little more.

I would like to add a collage of family pictures with some iron work above them on the wall next to the built ins. Here is an example of one at the Berry Patch.

Then we also painted two coats of a creamy yellow in the hall bathroom. My girls have a sort of horse theme going in there. Which is fitting, as they have 3 horses and possibly 4 soon. I painted yellow because the tile and sinks are yellow and we don't want the expense of changing all of that out right now. We are working with what we have. We will be painting the door and trim bright white and change out that Hollywood light fixture. That fixture has 10 bulbs and will burn you out of the room.LOL
I wanted to kind of class up their horse them so I hung this painting. What do you think?
I also hung a lot of my pictures and decorations. I hung this swag over my hutch. What do you think of this wall color in my dining room? My girls love it and want to keep it but I just don't know. It hasn't grown on me yet.
We also did a ton of yard work trimming trees and mowing. It was a busy,busy, week and I think my husband was ready to go back to work this week and rest.LOL

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Mary Isabella said...

I found your blog by way of Kari and Kijsa and their Flag Flying post. I am so glad I did. I love the way you post and the words you use to share with us are amazing. I will see you tomorrow and I will bring the tea to drink while we eat that blackberry cobbler. LOL....Mary

Anonymous said...

Free is always a great color, size, or whatever! LOL! I love that you painted in the back of the shelves. It looks great! You guys really worked hard!!

Nicole said...

I love the new color. I mean it, I really, really love it. It really warms the room up. I really like how you painted the shelves white too. I like the yellow too, it's so hard to find a good tone of yellow, and I like what you picked!

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments! I've been on a nonexistent budget for our home makeover and I have found that it forces me to be more creative which is a good thing. I absolutely love the room color and the fact that you painted the backs of the built in's the wall color as it makes them pop more. I also like your idea of hanging some ironwork in the room as I personally feel that every room needs a touch of black as it gives the room substance and "grounds" it. I've been wanting to do a photo collage wall forever but still haven't gotten around to it. Can't wait to see how yours turns out! I had to laugh over your comment about how much work you could get out of your hubby while he's on vacation, lol, my husband is totally on to me after 22 years of doing that to him so I basically get one small project out of him then he announces he is done! LOL

Shannon said...

I love before and after pics and yours did not disappoint! I love all the colors you chose. It makes a big difference in the Living Room. Looks great!

Kimba said...

You're not kidding! You have been busy, my friend. I love the new color. The shelves look great with the beige on the back. It really makes that wall pop!

And I love the yellow you used in the bathroom too.

Nice job!

Julie said...

Awesome! Everything looks so good!

Joy said...

Wow! I need a few weeks (or months) to accomplish all the projects that you accomplished! You're a super team. With all that new color on the walls, I bet you feel like you're in a new home.

dewy23 said...

I love your new color and it sounds like you're making a beautiful life for your family :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

love the paint! I love how your organized your shelving. Very cute.
On the dining room paint....maybe a tone or two down would be a pretty blue. Too deep for me......only my opinion of course. :)