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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sometimes Dreams and Plans do Come to Fruition.....

After years of research and careful planning the day has come.......

Checking things out.

The horses were quite curious as to what we have managed to bring home now.

My honey brought the kennel in the barn and you would have thought the little girl would have run out after her long ride but no. She was timid.

Here's the man of my dreams trying to coax our new little addition out of the kennel. I tell you that kennel is getting quite the work out and it has yet to see a dog. :)

Whew, she finally came out and immediately started sniffing out her surroundings. She is a curious little thing. So far she seems very bright eyed and energetic. She is only 5 days old but was with her mom for 4 full days. Lord willing, she has gotten a good start and we will have no problems.

If you look real closely you can see the sweetest little tongue. Oh, she just melts my heart. By the way, she doesn't have a name yet....... Any suggestions? I always wanted a Jersey Cow named Butter Bell but she doesn't look like a Butter Bell. Our short list right now is Heidi, Bell, Elsie, and Anna Bell.

Oh, wow, isn't she just beautiful? I can't tell you how excited I am about this little missy.

As many of you know, we are all into self sufficiency and preparedness. Well, most of the animals have been things that my husband has been really excited about. For the last 2-3 yrs. I have been researching keeping a family cow. I have really wanted one, but for a good tame family cow, they are quite expensive. So it has always been on the back burner. Then today, we drove about an hour away and picked up this little beauty. She is half Jersey and half holstein. She will eventually be our family milk cow. It will take probably 2 yrs. but in the mean time we will be training her to be the best most gentle milk cow ever and I could not be happier!!! This little farmstead is really starting to take shape.

***** Don't forget to give us your name suggestions******


Greg and Donna said...

When I was little, we would go on class field trips to Mathis Dairy near Atlanta "Rosebud", so that name is special to me. I like Elsie also! We are excited to come visit and see your farm!

Greg and Donna said...

guess i just thought I said we went to the dairy to milk Rosebud....but its not in my 1st comment!

mississippi artist said...

I think Bella is a good name-means beautiful in Italian. She is a sweet little thing isn't she.? Good luck with her.

Cinnamon said...

Love self sufficiency! I vote for Anna Belle, too cute!

She even looks gentle :-)


Sheryl and Denny said...

Oh my!!!! Trixi

I think your homestead and ours are on the same wave length.. We have been dreaming of someday purchasing a milk cow as well for our farm. But realizing out costly they can be also. Hubby had been looking and we have been dreaming. Well the other day he brought something home for us to, but.....Its not a momma cow yet. He saw an add to purchase a few jersey/holstien cross bull calves a few days old also. so we figured to feed them up and fatten them and turn around and sell those to help purchase a milk cow. Well to say the least, they are so sweet and cute. Will be posting on those soon. Bella is a good name, she looks like one of ours.

Rie said...

Trixi, she is beautiful! I'm so proud for y'all. I can't tell Gregg, though, cause he'll be too jealous - he so wants to be a country man!

She looks like a CocoaBell to me!

Purewater said...

How exciting! This was a great post; I loved how you kept me guessing as to what was in the kennel!

Someday, when we get the family milk cow of our dreams, I think I will want to name her Nellie.

God bless!

OurCrazyFarm said...

She is so cute! How exciting! Your "living the dream, baby!"

My name suggestion: Petunia :))

Gina said...

I like all your name suggestions. She is just too cute! We've thrown around the idea of getting a family milk cow but just never have been ready to commit to such a long term investment. We also don't have a great place to house a cow in bad weather, or for milking.

Start dreaming about fresh butter and cheese!

Kristin said...

Love her!!!!
We used to have a dairy and the Jersey's were the sweetest!
I think Anna Belle is the best...or May-Belle would make a cutie patutie name, as well!
Thanks so much for leaving a comment and if you make the granola, let me know if you like it, K?
Good luck with your new baby!
Love, Kristin

Kimberly said...

Yeah! We're getting a Jersey any day now!! Have fun!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Ohhhhhh, she is so adorable! I just love her eyes. She looks so sweet and I know she's lucky to have such a wonderful new home. For a name, I like all the ones you came up with! She looks like a Bella to me :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet! Someday we dream of living on a farm of our own! God bless you! Such a sweet blog you have!

In His love,
Nancy Adams,