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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My daughter is turning into quite an awesome photographer and she tooke these amazing pictures of our turkeys. I love this one.
They are growing so nicely. I am amazed at how much more friendly they are than the chickens, who we also raised from day one.

And Ramsey just loves them. They are buddies.

Have a great week.



OurCrazyFarm said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Good job:))

Leigh said...

Indeed she is, beautiful photos!

Gina said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and finding out what you are busy doing. I'd love to try raising turkeys sometime, but like you found, they seem to be more difficult than chickens.

Anita said...

Great pics!!

mississippi artist said...

I love the photo of the sheep, but I am sorry turkeys kind of scare me-they look kinda like buzzards. LOL!

Purewater said...

Wonderful photos!

Before you commented on my last post, I was looking at your blog and thinking how wonderful your homestead is coming along!

You, too, have been blessed with a wonderful family! I think we have very similar mindsets and goals!

God bless,


Regan Family Farm said...

Thanks for visiting! You have a lovely farm and looks like you are doing wonderful things (I'd love to add bees!)

Tipper said...

Just lovely photos-she's good!

bekahjane said...

Ah!! So cute. Love the pics :)