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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for a New Year.....

We don't really make New Year's resolutions but I do want to make a list of some goals, both personal and farm related for this upcoming year.

Personal Goals for 2011:

  • I start to read through my Bible every year and I never succeed. I would like to complete the whole thing this year. I am using a mix of two plans. I am doing a chronological reading of the Old Testament and I am combining a partial of Prof. Horner's reading plan for the New Testament.
  • We would also like to work on the area of hospitality. We have several people right now who want to come to our house and who we want to come, yet we can't seem to find the time to get together. This is a problem that we are wanting to work on in the coming year. 1Peter 4:9, Hebrews 13:2, Romans 12:13

  • I would also like to lose a little weight. I lost 30lbs. last year only to gain it back. I would love to lose it again and resume a healthier lifestyle. Also, I would like to start my daily exercise regime. I did so good last year. I have gotten lazy again.:(

  • I also want to work on a Homemaking Binder. I would love to get everything important in one place and have a little better organizational system. Here are some examples: http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2010/01/creating-a-homemaking-binder.html, http://www.squidoo.com/home-organize

School Goals:

  • I need to get a little more organized with my record keeping and I need to have my children read and write MORE!! They love to read what they love to read but I need to implement more literature.

House Goals:

  • I would like to get the rest of the walls and trim in my home painted. I would also like to get my master bedroom and bath finished. I would like to work on my laundry room. We would love to get our garage enclosed and turn it into a work out/ rec. room.

Farm Goals:

  • Finish the fencing for the back acreage.

  • Build the new chicken coop.

  • Shore up the garden shed.

  • Plant more fruit trees.

  • Extend the garden.

  • Build a round pen and corral.

This list could go on and on.

  • We would like to acquire sheep and turkeys.

I hope you all have lots and lots of goals for the new year and I hope you get most of them accomplished!!!



PatinTenn said...

Hey there girl !! Good to see you here posting.

You and I have a few goals the same for this new year. I will be praying for you as I pray for myself.

I love your list and hang in there till you see it done. I'm here for you to see it through !

Was that a good pep-rally speach for you, lol....

Love ya,

Greg and Donna said...

Hey, you forgot spend time with Donna (hahaha), but maybe that came under have people out to the homestead. We still want to come...lets get the weather a little less frigid. Greg & I are working through reading thru the Bible also, we started in Sept. The goals looks great!

His bondservant said...


Your goals are very ambitious...I like that. Mine always are too. I may not get them all accomplished, but I always get more than I planned to get when I actually have them written down.


Gina said...

Great list! Best wishes on accomplishing them. I like that you mentioned Scripture first. That needs to be on my list too.

Picket said...

Hey girl....hope you are having a great year so far...I have alot of goals and weight is definitely one of them! Just mark them off the list one thing at a time....this will be a great year! Thanks for coming by sweetie...hope you have a fantastic week...Picket