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Saturday, July 25, 2009

An end of the season trip and so much more....

This is a post full of pictures. We have had some adventures lately and the true love of my life is now, on occasion, reading my ridiculous blog so I want to share some pictures with you and him..... Here goes.

Well, at the beginning of the week, we loaded up the car and I do mean loaded, and headed for Gulf Shores, Al. My sister and her family got a beach house for a week and we decided to take my mom (mimi) and go have some fun in the sun with them. Here is a picture going through the tunnel in Mobile.

This is a picture taken in the hotel. My niece decided to go back to the hotel with us every night. So the oldest is mine and the youngest my niece. I just thought this was a beautiful picture.

Here's my girl on the alligator in the ocean. My son is the one at the end of the line on a boogie board. They had a blast.

This is my oldest playing Frisbee on the beach with my nephew. She hates the beach but even she had a really good time.

Here's our temporary man of the house showing off more of his board skills.

And here is a flag that was at the beach house next door, I just loved it waving along the ocean front.

Now, we are back home and back to reality. No one wanted to leave but Mimi had to go back to work and so the fun was cut short. We had a great time but we sure did miss daddy being with us. Although, I don't think I would have been able to frequent as many little stores had he been with us. (ha ha)

Next, I wanted to share with you my new pot rack. I am hanging my cast iron on it. It has freed up some space in my hobbit kitchen and I really like it but I am not sure what needs to be put in the opening.

Then today, our neighbor came over and put up a temporary electric fence for us. The grass back here has grown to a level that we can not control so he fenced it in for us to put our horses on. I really need to borrow some goats.LOL

Here the horses are enjoying some new pasture.

I also thought I would share our baby chicks that are no longer babies. Every year we get about 5 or 6 new babies and here are a couple of this years crop. I think this one is so pretty. She is an Auracauna and she will lay blue/green eggs.

My honey loves a black chicken and our last one disappeared so here is his new black chicken.

Now for the bad news, before we left for the beach, I was of course, canning tomatoes and I heard a loud pop. I had blown up my cook top. So I just decided I will deal with it when I get home. Now I am on the hunt for the best deal on a cook top. In the mean time, I still have tomatoes running out of my ears, literally. So this is what little man and I fixed up today. We put my Coleman camping stove on a table outside and I began canning on the porch. I really should have been doing this all along, as it really saved my kitchen from heating up.
Oh and by the way, so far the best deal is at Cowboy Maloney's in Jackson. However, I have a few more calls to make.

I thought last but not least, I would end with a beautiful picture of our mammoth sunflowers. They started blooming while we were gone and they were quite the site to come home to.
Have a great weekend!!!



Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi there Miss Trixi! So good to hear from you! How are things going now? I hope all is well at the homestead. Good to hear that y'all got away for some fun. I was just in that tunnel not too long ago...hehe. Take care~

HeathahLee said...

I soooooo need a beach vacation! I recognized that tunnel before you even said where it was! : ) Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Fort Morgan is my beach of choice. Destin seems to be the place everyone up here wants to go to, and I wonder why when Gulf Shores is so much closer? Anyway, I'm glad y'all had a good time.

Anonymous said...

The beach adventure looks and sounds wonderful. We are hoping to go in Sept.
I like your ideal of canning tomatoes on the campstove. I need to be canning tomatoes today. They are coming out my ears too!

Love the pictures with the horses and chickens.

Have a great day.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Miss Trixi! Hope you have a wonderful week...Susie

Lady Katherine said...

Looks like the children had fun at the beach! Sorry about your stove, can hubby help? He does heat and air, electric, plumbing, and appliance work. So if you ever have something go wrong. We are just a few miles away. We went to the coast after the funeral. Yesterday, we left again to go to his Aunts, her car brakes went out, hubby checked it all out and found the problem, then fixed her fence. Tell Heathahlee that Destin is sugar sand, and if you stay in Jetty East, the secret place to go is you have the ocean, the jetty to fish off, the bay to snorkel in, anytime. Now boats take you there and charge $20 a piece and you snorkel for 30min. We are going in Sept. the rates go down then and temp is great and the water. I can leave hubby at the condo, and he can play to his heart content and go shop.lol

Lady Katherine said...

Reason I came by is making sure you got my email!

Rue said...

Hi Trixi :)

See.. now this is great! Your husband gets to read about the family and we get to reap the benefits ;)

It looks like you had a great time at the beach! Love the new pot rack too :)


Lady Katherine said...

Oh, and you said you are learning about sheep, my kids showed sheep, goats, pigs in 4H. Great outlet for home school children. Can get expensive! lol We use to have 100 pus sheep, goats. I know how six sheep, just sold my goats. Sheep eat more grass than goats, goats prefer the weeds and get out more! lol I spin, weave and knit. Might want to get you some sheep to eat the grass!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through another blog and wanted to say I really like the title :)

Looks like you had fun on your trip.


Charm and Grace said...

Oh I love Gulf Shores. As a child, we went every year for a few days (that was as long as we could persuade my dad to be away from home.) It was so different then, but I still love it even with all the condos blocking the shoreline. It's nostalgic for me in so many ways. BTW... did you happen to get to Doc's at Orange Beach? It's one of our fave places to get a "boatload" of boiled shrimp!

Glad you had a good and safe getaway,

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thanks Miss Trixi! Hope you have a great day!

His bondservant said...


So glad you and your family were able to get away and have a good time. I know that is difficult when husband/Daddy is away. It is never the same. I like your pot rack too! I am beginning to collect some cast iron after finding that not too much compares to it in price, durability and for healthy eating. The pictures of your farm are wonderful. We so look forward, Lord willing, to being on our only little farm one day. Hope you and your family have a blessed day! Jackie

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I hope you can find some rulers and make one! It's fun~

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Looks like y'all had a great vacation! I really love your new cast iron pot hanger - it's really pretty and functional. And those sunflowers made me smile. Glad to know y'all are doing well and I know your hubby loves seeing the pictures and knowing what everyone is up to.

Picket said...

Morning girl..looks like you have a great time at the beach! But my favorite part of the post was seeing your chickens and those beautiful canned tomatoes!!!!lol Great idea using the camp stove and keeping the heat outside....man I wish I had a collection of cast iron..do you realize I don't even own a cast iron skillet!!! I have my eye on mama's that she has had like forever...I keep hoping she will hurry up and give it to me....I even talked her into buying a whole set of Paula Deen's but she still keeps using the iron skillet!!!!lol lol
Thanks so much for coming by sweetie..have a glorious weekend!

Gina said...

Oh, great idea for canning! My kitchen has been so hot and steamy lately with all the canning! The tomatoes look great!

Deanna said...

I've got to get you in my Reader so I don't miss the fun here.

Ok...first, I'd never make it through that tunnel without someone lnocking me out. I'm just too claustrophobic to even think of tunnels!

Sheep, sister...goats couldn't care less about the grass. Our pasture looks the same as it did...until you start looking head-level and see the stripped leaves and branches :( I don't mind too much, but a little grass munching would be nice.

Don't tell me about your stovetop! It's a smooth one, heh? I can on mine all the time and of course the paperwork screams at me not to. I need to start canning on the 2 burners on Dewey's smoker/grill.

Great pictures. Looks like a great time :o)


A Joyful Chaos said...

looks like a great, fun packed vacation! Thanks for sharing.

amy phillips said...

Miss trixi.. i know how u feel about the tomatos!!!!!!!! i have them coming out my ears! Looks like you r doing well! I know all about not having time to blog ! well have a great fall. may God bless you and Your husband!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Haven't heard from you for a while. I hope all is well with you, the kids, and your hubby. Take care!

Rue said...

Hi Trixi :)

I hope all is going okay for you sweet friend!


His bondservant said...


Just wondering how you and your famiy are doing. I know that life gets a little hectic, especially with hubby gone and sometimes it is hard to blog. I have run into that myself. Just wanted to make sure things were going okay. You and your sweet family are in our prayers and we are, just like you, waiting expectedly for that magical day in spring! Praise the Lord for fall...for several reasons this year!
Blessings to you and yours,

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

totally enjoyed your blog!

Picket said...

Morning girl...how are you dear friend!!!! Wow time has gone by so fast...it has been so long since I have visited...it just seems like my life is not my own with all my family stuff going on..but I am so thankful mama & daddy are both doing so much better and thankful for good friends like you who check on me...take care girl.. blessings and much love to you and yours.

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Hi Trixi - I hope all is well.